01 | Phil and I detail all that is known about the process of congression in human cells. We describe the ‘life history’ of a chromosome, and provide a working model for how individual mechanisms are integrated to ensure efficient and successful congression.


congressAuckland and McAinsh AD (2015)
Building an integrated model of chromosome congression.

Journal of Cell Science 128:3363-74



02 | Short preview of the exciting new work from the Salmon lab looking at how kinetochores are able to resist pulling forces generated by microtubule attachments; see original work here:


histoneMcAinsh AD (2014)
How Kinetochores CCAN resist force.

Developmental cell 30 (6), 637-638


03 | Rob Cross and I review the mechanochemistry of mitotic kinesins and how they contribute to spindle self-organisation and chromosome dynamics:


histoneCross RA and McAinsh AD (2014)
Prime movers: the mechanochemistry of mitotic kinesins.

Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 15:257-271


04 | Sets out why we should stick with the name CENP-A:


histoneEarnshaw, W.C., Allshire, R.C., Black, B.E., Bloom, K., Brinkley, B.R., Brown, W., Cheeseman, I.M., Choo, K.H., Copenhaver, G.P., Deluca, J.G., Desai, A., Diekmann, S., Erhardt, S., Fitzgerald-Hayes, M., Foltz, D., Fukagawa, T., Gassmann, R., Gerlich, D.W., Glover, D.M., Gorbsky, G.J., Harrison, S.C., Heun, P., Hirota, T., Jansen, L.E., Karpen, G., Kops, G.J., Lampson, M.A., Lens, S.M., Losada, A., Luger, K., Maiato, H., Maddox, P.S., Margolis, R.L., Masumoto, H., McAinsh, A.D., Mellone, B.G., Meraldi, P., Musacchio, A., Oegema, K., O'Neill, R.J., Salmon, E.D., Scott, K.C., Straight, A.F., Stukenberg, P.T., Sullivan, B.A., Sullivan, K.F., Sunkel, C.E., Swedlow, J.R., Walczak, C.E., Warburton, P.E., Westermann, S., Willard, H.F., Wordeman, L., Yanagida, M., Yen, T.J., Yoda, K., Cleveland, D.W. (2013)
Esperanto for histones: CENP-A, not CenH3, is the centromeric histone H3 variant.

Chromosome Research 21:101-106
[pubmed abstract]


05 | Reminder that the mitosis field is tightly focused on the workings of a few well-studied model systems. A wider look reveals that there are many ways, some altogether unfamiliar, to segregate chromosomes:


poquDrechsler & McAinsh AD (2012)
Exotic mitotic mechanisms.

Open Biology. December 5
[link to pdf] [pubmed abstract][request pdf]



06 | A short article with my neighbour Anne Straube revisiting our work in spindle positioning:


spindleMcAinsh, A.D. & Straube, A. (2011)
Spindle Centricity

Cell Cycle, Advance Online Publication December 1
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07 | My long time collaborator Patrick Meraldi (Geneva) and I review what is currently known about the CCAN (constitutive centromere associated network) and sets out the emerging evidence that it is involved in the regulation of kinetochore-attached microtubules:


motorization McAinsh, A.D. & Meraldi, P.. (2011)
The CCAN complex: Linking centromere specification to control of kinetochore-microtubule dynamics

Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology, Oct 19. [Epub ahead of print]
[link to pdf] [pubmed abstract]


08 | Research into mechanochemical cell biology is concerned with the molecular and cell biological mechanisms of motorised directional transport in living systems - Find out more here:


motorizationCross, R.A., McAinsh, A.D. & Straube A. (2011)
Mechanochemical Cell Biology

Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology, Oct 7. [Epub ahead of print]
[link to pdf] [pubmed abstract]


09 | Thorough review of the efforts to build mathematical models of mitosis - with Nigel Burroughs (Warwick Systems Biology Centre):


heatVladimirou E., Harry, E., Burroughs N. & McAinsh A.D. (2011)
Springs, clutches and motors: driving forward kinetochore mechanism by modelling

Chromosome Biology, 19 409-21
[link to pdf] [pubmed abstract]


10 | Short review on the tetrameric spindle motor Eg5, based inpart on a talk by Kase at the 2009 Dynamic Cell meeting in Edinburgh:


eg5 Kaseda, K., McAinsh,A.D. & Cross, R.A. (2009)
Walking, hopping, diffusing and braking modes of kinesin-5

Biochemical Society Transactions 37 1066-71