The mission of the Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology at Warwick is to discover the molecular and cellular mechanisms driving active self-organisation in living systems. Our unique Centre was launched in 2010 and has grown meanwhile from 3 to 9 PIs, including three Wellcome Senior Investigators. The centre is housed in a purpose-designed building that was opened by Sir Paul Nurse in 2012. An extension is under construction and will open in 2016.




bundleWalking home

The Mishima lab shows that cells link PRC1 to centralspindlin to create a motorised crosslinker that actively maintains the integrity of the central spindle.
>> Nature Communications (2015) | link

bundleThe Mesh

Discovery of a meshwork of inter-microtubule connectors in kinetochore fibres of the mitotic spindle by the Royle lab.

>> eLife (2015) | link | blog

ebincoherent sisters

McAinsh and Burroughs groups develop image analysis tools and live imaging to reveal how microtubule polymerisation is coordinated at sister kinetochores
>> Journal of Cell Science (2015) | Open Access PDF

csp_afmSplitting heads

The Mishima lab shows that CYK4 binds to the neck domains of MKLP1, thereby configuring the heads for antiparallel microtubule bundling.
>> PLoS Biology (2015) | link

MAP4 Microtubule zipper

The Straube lab shows how MAP4 organises microtubules in muscle cells. oMAP4 is a microtubule zippering protein that controls motor-driven microtubule sliding.
>> eLife (2015) | link

polarchraligning the stars

McAinsh lab reveal how CENP-Q and the CENP-E motor coordinate chromosome congression during mitosis.

>> Journal of Cell Science (2015) | Open Access PDF

podosomesMaking contact

Straube and Kaverina labs show that Kif1C and CLASPs are required to form podosomes in vascular smooth muscle cells.
>> Journal of Cell Science (2014) | link | commentary

autapseGetting depressed

Work from Steve Royle and the Llobet lab in Barcelona shows that clathrin levels set presynaptic function and that their run-down contributes to synaptic depression.
>> Journal of Neuroscience (2014) | link | blog