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SteveCell biology at the molecular level

We are interested in two processes fundamental to eukaryotic cellular life: mitosis and membrane trafficking. We want to understand how these processes operate at the molecular level in the hope of identifying new strategies to prevent tumour formation and propagation in cancer and to inhibit cellular infection.

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ClarkeTag team

Nick made a new tag for correlative light-electron microscopy called FerriTag.

>> Clarke & Royle (2018) | [Paper] | [Plain English]

BurgessBend me, shape me

We worked with Richard Bayliss's group and others to examine how clathrin binds to TACC3 after its phosphorylation by Aurora-A kinase.

>> Burgess et al. (2018) | [Paper]


Laura came up with a way to make cells do endocytosis on-demand.

>> Wood et al. (2017) | [Paper] | [Plain English]

SarkarTACC3 remover

Sourav worked out that FGFR3-TACC3 gene fusions in cancer cells hoover up TACC3 from the spindle causing mitotic problems.

>> Sarkar, Ryan & Royle (2017) | [Paper] | [Plain English]

NixonPump up the volume

Faye imaged spindles with SBF-SEM. Together with Tom in Statistics, Steve wrote VolumeFinder to analyse the data.

>> Nixon & Honnor et al. (2017) | [Paper] | [Plain English] | [Code]

AucklandAttachment issues

Nick contributed some SBF-SEM imaging to this nice paper by Phil in the McAinsh lab.

>> Auckland et al. (2017) | [Paper]

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