kitKiT - kinetochore tracking software

KiT is a MATLAB program for tracking kinetochores in 2D or 3D, and in multiple channels (Armond et al, Bioinformatics (2016). KiT evolved from earlier software for particle tracking (u-Track; Jaqaman et al., 2008), kinetochore tracking (MaKi; Jaqaman et al., 2010) and kinetochore track analysis (CupL; Vladimirou et al., 2013) and incorporates numerous enhancements and major new features. Movies are loaded through the Bioformats package (Linkert et al., 2010), which is automatically downloaded, enabling compatibility with a vast range of microscopy data formats.

This software is licensed for use under the GNU GPL v3 license. See LICENSE file for details.

Download KiT 1.5.4 here.

17/10/16 - Updated version now available; includes several bug fixes

Download KiT 1.5.6 here.

Selected Papers


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